1. (of a young black man or woman) confident, stylish, worldly and sophisticated.
    A debonoire is someone who has a shared ancestry in Africa. They range from college students to young professionals who no matter where they find themselves in Africa or the Diaspora, are continuously investing in Africa’s future.
    They are consumed by wanderlust and seek to travel the world. More precisely, they seek to travel across Africa and experience its diversity locally, not just as international students who congregate abroad in African Student Associations.
    They are aspirational, ambitious and desperately seek to marry their parents’ culture with the culture they have been raised in. Debonoires in the Diaspora constantly contemplate living and working on the continent. Those on the continent are constantly looking for advancement opportunities abroad. Debonoires believe they can have it all and diligently work towards this goal.
    This blog is to entertain, inform and inspire the debonoire.




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